I’m charged with Embezzlement in Vermont. What‘s next?

Published by Jessica Burke on

Embezzlement can be a serious charge in Vermont. People get caught in the embezzlement trap for many reasons. Sometimes a spouse’s unemployment or unexpected illness or medical bills lead people to embezzle. Soon they are in over their head and cannot pay back what they embezzled. Most of the time people expect to or try to pay back any money they embezzled.

Are there any defenses for embezzlement in Vermont?

Depending on a client’s criminal history and the extent of the embezzlement there may be viable defenses available when a person embezzled with the intention of paying the money back.

Taking steps toward restitution along with a effective defense strategy under the guidance of an experienced Vermont criminal defense attorney can help put embezzlement charges in the past. Contact us for a free consultation today.

Where can I learn more about Embezzlement law in Vermont?

The Vermont embezzlement statute can be located here. If the amount of money embezzled is less than $100 it is a misdemeanor. If the amount of money embezzled exceeds $100 it is a felony. 

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