Unless you are on a secure attorney line, you should assume jail phone calls are being recorded.

Jail phone calls are not secure.

If you make incriminating statements about a crime on a jail phone call – those statements may be used as evidence against you at trial.

If you have a no contact order or a relief from abuse order that requires you not to have contact in person or through third parties that includes no contact from jail. If you write a letter or place a phone call to someone you are court ordered not to have contact with you may be subject to new charges, violation of conditions of release or face a VAPO (violation of abuse protection order).

Inmates mail is also subject to search unless it privileged. Letters from an inmate’s attorney are protected by attorney-client privilege. If you write incriminating statements in a letter that can be intercepted and used against you as evidence.

While in jail do not discuss your case with anyone except your attorney or another person working on you and your attorney’s behalf (such as an expert or private investigator).

If you are in custody in Vermont, it is best for your criminal defense attorney to call you on the facility’s attorney line where you are housed. If you call out to your attorney cannot guarantee that conversation isn’t being listened to or recorded.

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