Vermont Pre-Trial Services

Vermont’s Pre-Trial Services is a voluntary program of the Vermont Attorney General’s office. The Court often does not explain to defendants that their participation in Pre-Trial Services is entirely VOLUNTARY. If you do not want to participate in Pre-Trial Services in Vermont, you do not have to. 

Pre-Trial Services offers various types of support for individuals charged with a crime in Vermont.

Pre-Trial Screenings–The Pre-Trial coordinator provides voluntary substance use and mental health screenings to individuals charged with a crime in Vermont.  The screenings help identify whether an individual would benefit from meeting with a counselor for a further assessment and support.

If you do not want to do a Pre-Trial Screening, you do not have to and you can’t be charged with a violation of conditions of release in Vermont state court.

Unfortunately, Vermont Pre-Trial Services Coordinators often don’t tell defendants this important information. 

If you are asked to participate in Pre-Trial Services talk to your attorney to help you make an informed decision about whether you (or your case) might benefit from participation.

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