Burke Law, P.C. is a regional law firm with locations in Burlington, Vermont and White River Junction, Vermont. Our attorneys practice criminal defense. Attorney Jessica Burke founded Burke Law in 2011. Attorney Burke has defended major felonies (including murder, child sexual assault, and rape). She also has a strong reputation for effective DUI defense throughout Vermont. Attorney Leah Henderson leads our White River Junction office and has extensive experience in criminal defense throughout the state of Vermont. Attorney Zachery Weight is an experienced criminal trial attorney with a proven track record of successful results. We strive to build a personal relationship with our clients. We help our clients define their goals and build a path to achieve those goals. At Burke Law we lead each of our clients through the complexities of the legal system with compassion, experience and zealous advocacy.

Burke Law Criminal Defense Attorneys

As a client of Burke Law you will be given your attorney’s direct cell phone number and email address. This type of attorney-client access, and the dialogue it creates, is the hallmark of Burke Law. If you bring us your legal problems, we will work together toward an affordable resolution.

If you are in need of legal assistance, call today to speak to an attorney. We offer free consultations and are willing to work around your schedule. Whether you would like to discuss your case with an attorney over the phone or in person, evenings or weekends, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


“Leah took my case when I believed I was a goner, every one wanted me to take a plea especially being on parole. No one believed me but she found the truth in the paper work and suggested to me to please wait.So for the first time in my life I was right and knew if proven guilty I would die in Jail due to medical issues.For the first time in my life I let my self trust some one else I wanted my day in court, well I never got that day because Leah called me and said case dismissed. Thank you.”

“Jessica Burke is not only a competent and professional attorney, but she is compassionate, understanding and honest. She was responsive and led me through a frightening and emotional case with grace. She created a positive and unexpected victory and for that I am forever grateful. I highly recommend Burke Law.”

“Jessica was very attentive and had answers to all of my questions. Due to the nature of my job a criminal conviction would be career ending. She worked hard to get an optimal result. The case and all charges were dismissed. I would highly recommend her services. Thank you Burke Law.”

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If you have been charged with a crime, or if you have not been formally charged with crime but are party to an ongoing investigation, contact us to ensure that your rights are protected from the earliest stages of the process. We offer free consultations and will work with you to find a time that accommodates your schedule.