Can I Get a DUI in Vermont on a Snowmobile or ATV?

People often ask me if they can get a DUI while driving an ATV or Snowmobile in Vermont.

The answer is clear: yes, you can get a DUI in Vermont for operating a snowmobile or ATV while under the influence of alcohol.

The Vermont DUI Statute says that “a person shall not operate, attempt to operate, or be in actual physical control of any vehicle on a highway when the person’s alcohol concentration is 0.08 or more or when the person is under the influence of alcohol; or when the person is under the influence of any other drug or under the combined influence of alcohol and any other drug.”

Is a Snowmobile or ATV a “vehicle” under Vermont DUI law, though?

Yes. Snowmobiles and ATVs are defined as vehicles under Vermont law. Specifically, the definitions section of the Vermont DUI law states that “Vehicle means a motor vehicle” and “when on a public highway a snowmobile” and “an all-terrain vehicle.”

If you are charged or cited to court for DUI in Vermont while operating an ATV or snowmobile, contact Burke Law for a free, confidential case consultation today.


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