I have a North Carolina license but I received a DUI in Vermont

If you have a North Carolina driver’s license but are charged with a DUI in Vermont contact the experienced Vermont DUI attorneys at Burke Law. We can review your case and help you to understand your options and prepare your best defense.

At Burke Law we have successfully North Carolina licensed drivers who have been charged with DUI in Vermont. North Carolina has strict DUI reciprocity laws. The North Carolina DMV can impose substantial penalties on North Carolina licensed drivers who receive a DUI criminal conviction or a DUI civil suspension in Vermont.

The attorneys at Burke Law serve all of Vermont from two convenient locations (Hartford, VT & Burlington, VT) and can help North Carolina licensed drivers facing DUI charges in any Vermont county.

For our out of state clients there are ways to waive your appearance so that you do not have return to Vermont for the arraignment or other proceedings. Clients often ask if waiving their appearance will negatively impact their case. Waiving the defendant’s appearance at Vermont criminal court because he or she lives out of state will not negatively impact the client’s case.

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