Sex Crimes in Vermont

Vermont sex crimes make up a large portion of our criminal defense work at Burke Law. Defendants often feel intimidated or ashamed to reach out to an attorney and discuss the charges they are facing. Rest assured, we have heard it all, and will not judge you. We work with you to develop a defense strategy that works for you and the evidence in your case.

For serious sex felonies we often engage the help of a private investigator who can help corroborate your version of events by locating potential witnesses from the date and time in question. Our experienced team of private investigators work with us frequently to help collect the evidence that the police might have missed, including text messages, witness statements and other invaluable pieces of evidence for your defense.

The attorneys at Burke Law have defended hundreds of defendants accused of Vermont sex crimes ranging from prohibited conduct to aggravated sexual assault. We know how easy it for an accusation to turn into fact before a defendant’s eyes in the media. We can help prepare you for the challenges associated with being a defendant to a Vermont sex crime, manage media coverage for you and enact a successful defense strategy for your case.

Contact us today for free case consultation if you are accused of a sex crime in Vermont.

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How to File a Restraining Order in Vermont

In Vermont, you can apply for a “sexual assault or stalking protective order,” which is what is commonly referred to as a “Restraining Order.” The sexual assault or stalking protective order is an order from

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