Meet Leah

Leah Henderson joined the firm in 2016 and is the lead attorney of our White River Junction office.

Leah Henderson hails from New York and has been living in the Upper Valley since moving to Vermont. Licensed in New Hampshire as well as Vermont, Leah is well versed in criminal practice and procedure on both sides of the river. Prior to working as a defense attorney, Leah worked for the prosecutor’s office in both Windsor and Windham counties. This work experience exposed Leah to several various criminal cases in venues ranging from the Windham county court all the way up to the Vermont Supreme Court. Attorney Henderson is experienced in defending DUIs and serious criminal charges throughout Vermont.

In her free time, she enjoys coaching the Dartmouth College Cheerleading team and hiking with her loving dog Ahsoka.


Leah is a proud alumni of both the University at Buffalo and Vermont Law School.

Case Results

State v. E.C. Docket # 1136-9-11 Wrcr
Charge: Felony Cocaine Sale
Case Result: Dismissed after hung jury at trial

State v. M.R. Docket # 1090-10-17 Wmcr
Charge: Domestic Assault
Case Result: Verdict of Not Guilty after jury trial

State v. P.S. Docket #675-7-17 Wmcr
Charge: Unlawful Mischief
Case Result: Verdict of Not Guilty after jury trial

State v. R.R. Docket # 267-3-18 Wrcr
Charge: Felony Heroin Possession
Case Result: Dismissed

State v. L.H. Docket# 1435-10-17 Rdcr
Charge: Felony False Swearing
Case Result: Dismissed

State v. L.F. Docket # 959-10-18 Wrcr
Charge: Violation of Abuse Prevention Order, Violation of Abuse Prevention Order
Case Result: Dismissed


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