I was driving in Vermont and I got a speeding ticket and a citation to criminal court for Negligent Operation. Do I need a lawyer?

Published by Jessica Burke on

Negligent Operation and a speeding ticket are two separate citations. If you are given a speeding ticket then you are subject to points on your license and civil fines and fees. If you are given a citation to Vermont Superior Court for Negligent Operation you are also being charged with a crime. You (or your attorney) must appear in Vermont Superior Court for an arraignment on your Negligent Operation charge and if you fail to do so, a warrant for your arrest could issue. It is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible when you are cited for Negligent Operation in Vermont. It can be confusing to understand what penalties you are facing and what your obligations are. At Burke Law we have years of experience defending Negligent Operation charges in Vermont. We offer free case consultations for Negligent Operation both in person and over the phone. Contact us today to schedule your free consult.

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