What Are Sentencing Surcharges in Vermont Criminal Court?

Published by Jessica Burke on

Sentencing surcharges are fees imposed by the Vermont Superior Court anytime someone is convicted of a crime. The sentencing surcharges are $147 per charge plus $15% of the fine for most crimes. For DUIs the sentencing surcharges are $307 plus 15% of the fine. Grossly Negligent Operation and other some other charges carry additional sentencing surcharges.

For example, if you were convicted in Vermont Superior Criminal Court of DUI and received a $300 fine then you would be required to pay $300 (fine amount) + $307 +$45 (15% of 300) = $652. Sentencing surcharges cannot be waived in Vermont, but the Criminal Court will give you time to pay them. If they remain unpaid they can be taken out of a future tax return or sent to collections.

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