Notice of Intent to Suspend

The Notice of Intent to Suspend is a critical document in Vermont civil DUI practice. Vermont civil DUI law requires a driver issued a Notice of Intent to Suspend complete the reverse side of the form and make sure that it is received by Vermont Department of Motor Vehicle’s Commissioner’s Office within 7 days from issuance.

If you fail to request a hearing in time by sending the Notice of Intent to Suspend back, you will default on the civil DUI and automatically go under suspension on the 11th day after the Notice issued.

If it is first offense DUI and you request a hearing within the 7 days allowed then your license will remain valid until the matter is resolved a final civil suspension hearing.

If it is your second or subsequent DUI offense then your license will go under suspension on the 11th day after the issuance of the notice even if you request a hearing. It is still vital to request a hearing, because there may be legitimate issues your attorney can present to nullify the suspension of your license.

If you have a received a Notice of Intent to Suspend (also called a Form 240) contact one of the experienced Vermont DUI attorneys at Burke Law today for a free, confidential consultation.

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