Vermont DUI in a Parking Lot

Can I get a DUI in a parking lot in Vermont?

Yes. You can be charged with a DUI in Vermont even if you are in a parking lot. Vermont’s DUI law prohibits operating under the influence of alcohol on a public highway. Public highways include most parking lots if they are open to the public. This can even include public parking garages and apartment building parking lots. An interesting Vermont Supreme Court case on this issue from 1996 can be found here.

What if I was just sleeping in my car in a parking lot? Can I still be charged with DUI?

Under many circumstances, yes, you can be charged with a DUI in Vermont if you are sleeping in your car in a parking lot while under the influence of alcohol. The law surrounding sleeping in parked cars while under the influence of alcohol is well developed in Vermont. Contact us for a free case consultation if you have been charged with a DUI while sleeping in a Vermont parking lot. 

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