When to Call a Criminal Defense Attorney

Potential clients often ask me when they should call a criminal defense attorney. It is difficult to find a point in time that is “too soon” to call.

As soon as you have reason to believe that you could be under investigation for a crime, have been asked to come into the police station for a chat, receive an investigative phone call from law enforcement, or even if you believe you could be a witness to a crime, you should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney.

If law enforcement reaches out to you in person, via phone or email and asks to speak with you regarding a criminal investigation or potential criminal investigation CALL A CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY. Do not make statements to the police. You can politely inform the officer on the phone or in person that you do not want to make any statements or say anything at all until you speak with a criminal defense attorney. As soon as you hang up the phone or leave the building CALL A CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY.

We can’t take back statements you have already made, but we can help you avoid making statements that can be used against you in the future. You can make a statement in future, so if law enforcement is pressuring you for a statement, insist on seeking the advice of an attorney before doing so.

If you are the subject of a present criminal investigation in Vermont please contact us for a free consultation. The experienced attorneys at Burke Law are on call and available to help.

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