The impaired driver rehabilitation program (IDRP) is relatively new in Vermont. 

IDRP is an alcohol education course that is required by the Vermont DMV to be completed by those with civil or criminal DUI suspensions. An older version of the program was called CRASH.

How do I register for IDRP in Vermont?

Follow the instructions on the Vermont IDRP website. The IDRP website can be located here.

Where can I complete IDRP in Vermont?

IDRP is offered in two formats. Both formats require 10 hours of in class DUI education. The non-intensive option offers the 10 required hours over 4 weeks. The intensive option allows participants to complete the 10 class hours over 2 days. The location of the non-intensive and intensive classes are available on the Vermont IDRP website.

How long does it take for IDRP to report my completion to the Vermont DMV so that I can reinstate my license?

IDRP has approximately ten business days to provide notice of completion of the program to the Vermont DMV.  People with DUI civil or criminal suspensions will not be eligible for reinstatement of their privilege to operate in Vermont until proof of completion of IDRP is received by the DMV.

Can I complete IDRP outside of Vermont?

If you live outside of Vermont and you receive a DUI  in Vermont, you may want to complete your state’s approved program instead of traveling back to Vermont to complete IDRP here. Typically, you can complete your state’s approved program and provide proof of completion to the Vermont IDRP. We advise that you confirm with IDRP in Vermont that your proposed education class will fulfill Vermont’s requirements before paying for and completing the course out of state.

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