I was caught speeding in Vermont. I received a speeding ticket and was given a criminal charge of Negligent Operation. Is this normal?

Yes. Unfortunately, people are often cited for a criminal negligent operation charge and given a hefty speeding ticket for the same offense.

What is the difference between a speeding ticket and a Negligent Operation criminal charge?

A speeding ticket is a civil citation issued by the Vermont Judicial Bureau. Vermont Judicial Bureau speeding tickets have three options: admit, deny or no contest. You  must respond to the ticket within the amount of time allowed on the ticket itself. If you choose to pay the ticket and accept the penalties (which may include points against your Vermont license) you can do so on the Vermont Judicial Bureau’s website

A Negligent Operation is a criminal charge. It cannot be pre-paid. A criminal citation requires you or your attorney to appear in the Vermont Superior Criminal Court in the county that you received the Negligent Operation citation from.

Should I just pay the speeding ticket and hire an attorney just for the Negligent Operation charge?

The Negligent Operation criminal charge and the speeding ticket can often be resolved together by an experienced Vermont criminal defense attorney. We offer free consultations by phone or at either of our Vermont two office locations (Burlington or White River Junction).

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