Vermont DUI: License Reinstatement after Suspension

If you lose your Vermont operator’s license due to a DUI suspension there are several steps you must take to reinstate your license.

First, you must serve the period of your suspension.

Second, you must purchase, maintain, and provide proof to the Vermont DMV of financial responsibility insurance (also called SR-22 insurance).

Third, you must complete the Impaired Driver Rehabilitation Program (IDRP). The Vermont IDRP website can be found here. IDRP requires attendance at live classes and may, depending on your situation, require you to complete counseling with a Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor (LDAC). If you need help finding a LDAC, this is a good place to start.

Fourth, you must pay any civil or criminal court fees due to the Vermont Superior Court associated with your DUI.

Finally, you must pay any required reinstatement fees to the Vermont DMV. You can pay by credit card online or over the phone.

It can be time consuming and expensive to complete all of the necessary steps to reinstate your license after a DUI suspension in Vermont. If you have been charged with a DUI in Vermont contact Burke Law for a free case consultation with one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys.

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